Natural Rennet Selection

Natural Rennet Selection

Rennet powder

  • BioRen® POWDERED RENNET with 97% chymosin content is the purest form of natural rennet and ideal for hard cheese with maturing times of a few months up to many years.

Rennet extract

  • BioRen® RENNET EXTRACT with 95% chymosin content has approximately the same maturation behaviour in cheese as powdered rennet with 97%.
  • BioRen® RENNET EXTRACT with 80% chymosin content is the universally applicable rennet from cream cheese to hard cheese.
  • BioRen® RENNET EXTRACT with 50% chymosin content for all cheese types with maturation times up to three months.

Liquid rennet paste

  • BioRen® RENNET PASTE DOLCE (calf rennet paste) is an ideal product for prototypical sliced and hard cheese from cow’s milk, but it can also be used in the case of goat or ewe’s milk.
  • BioRen® RENNET PASTE PICCANTE (goat rennet paste) is specially manufactured for goat’s milk but also for ewe’s and cow milk.
  • BioRen® RENNET PASTE SEMI-PICCANTE (ewe’s rennet paste) such as the "Rennet Paste Piccante" is manufactured for goat and ewe’s milk.

Dried calves' vells

  • DRIED Vells – Several traditional hard cheeses in Austria, Switzerland and in the French Jura, are still produced today with self-extracted rennet from dried vells. Traditional cheese makers in these regions swear by the incomparable flavours that this type of coagulation brings.