BioRen® Liquid Rennet Extract

BioRen® Labextrakt flüssigBIOREN® liquid rennet extract is a specialised natural product, which is used in a variety of compositions for all types of cheeses, all maturity times and all different types of milk. The many different enzymes that it contains make natural rennet an essential ingredient in high-quality cheeses.

Our liquid calves' rennet is supplied according to individual customer requirements. Both the chymosin / pepsin ratio as well as the rennet strength is adapted to the demands of the cheese and the cheese maker. This product may be used for cheese made from cows, sheep or goats milk. Units range in size from 50 ml for domestic use to 1200 kg containers for industrial applications.


BIOREN® liquid rennet extract is produced exclusively from the stomachs of young calves. The raw material sources are permanently monitored in the interest of the highest possible quality. A significant proportion of the product's raw materials are procured in Australia and in New Zealand. Unspoilt nature and the fact that calves there are only fed with milk from their own mothers result in highly reliable and best possible natural rennet. The good relationships that Hundsbichler maintains with suppliers in these countries have been established for decades.

The raw material is gently extracted in a solution of table salt and spring water from the mountains in Tyrol. The company deliberately does not employ any cheap filtration method like e.g. vacuum rotation filters to prevent product oxidation.

Hundsbichler operates only on the basis of batch production to ensure continuous process monitoring and traceability. The company therefore always knows precisely what it produces and sells.

In the interest of maintaining the natural variety of rennet enzymes, Hundsbichler does not use any type of chromatographic separation procedures or chymosin or pepsin concentrations. The very high proportion of chymosin (94%) that Hundsbichler's premium natural rennet extracts contain, is due entirely to the use of stomachs from very young milk calves - i.e. "first grade bobby vells".

Natural rennet
is profitable
because it delivers
the highest possible
cheese yields.

Qualities and packaging units

The different traditions in individual countries as well as those employed for various types of cheeses demand a broad spectrum of natural rennet compositions and strengths. The chymosin content in BIOREN® liquid natural rennet, for instance, may be modified to range from between 50 and 94%. With up to 350 IMCU = 30,000 Soxhlet, rennet strengths are also available to suit almost all customer requirements. Packaging units range from small bottles containing 50 millilitres to bulk units which contain 1,200 kilograms. The company caters to all operations, from small individual producers to industrial bulk manufacturers of cheese. It is also able to satisfy special requests, e.g. for rennet extract produced with stomachs from specific origins and manufactured without preservatives.


Hundsbichler's natural rennet extract is diluted in slightly salted chloride-free cold water and added to the vat milk. Varying ratios of chymosin-pepsin are recommended depending on the type of cheese and maturation time. The rule of thumb is: the longer the maturation period, the higher the content of chymosin.


The variety of natural enzyme complexes contained only in natural rennet guarantees the best possible cheese yields and taste. Over millions of years, evolution has developed these enzymes to perfection. They cannot therefore be reproduced by man-made coagulants. This is something that Darwin would have readily confirmed.


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